How Gogo works

Watch how Wi-Fi takes flight

Congratulations, you're about to witness the birth of the world's first wireless broadband network for inflight connectivity. Watch as a series of simple cell towers are transformed into a revolutionary new form of entertainment — Gogo®
In air. Online.

Technical specifications

Is Gogo fast? Is the sky blue? The Gogo experience is best compared to mobile broadband service on the ground — except with a whole lot more altitude. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device, a Gogo account, and a burning desire to access exclusive in-air experiences available only on Gogo.

Nationwide coverage

Gogo Internet operates on wireless signals provided by Gogo’s Air-To-Ground network, a reliable network of cellular towers spanning from sea to shining sea. While The Gogo Network has wired the entire continental United States for skyward Wi-Fi, actual signal strength and coverage may vary by altitude and network traffic volume. Learn more »

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